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Posted 14 March 2018 - 06:57 AM

I wanted to ask you guys, why do you allow players to continually switch teams?

Primarily, to the USMC team to not be raped and so they can rape. I mean if that wasn't allowed, I would of never been banned for a week. I feel it's completely unfair for everyone in the game when this is allowed to happen on your server. It's stat padding, cheating and completely wrong.

Now, I know this game is old and almost dead at this point 'cause of EA's constant attack of our community and game, but the American servers (Weekend Warriors, R|A and WAR server) are the last great places to actually play this game. 'Cause if you go to a Euro server, its nothing but a rapefest because most of the players have no idea how to work together to take out aircraft. That's what makes a lot of the regulars of WW so aWesome, you guys really know how to repel the invaders. Whether its cars, tanks, anti-air or just plain anti-tank guys; you all really know how to put the pressure on the USMC team even when they have the upper hand. This is also what makes Wake the best map in the game.

I just wanted to start the conversation about this.

Constant Switchers


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